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The Curious Case of Victor Nealon

When Victor Nealon was sat in his prison cell after yet another rejection by the Criminal Cases Review Commission in 2002, he may have wondered whether he would ever get his liberty – never mind receiving an actual apology for what has happened to him. You can read about the Victor Nealon case HERE and… Read More ›

Quashing Victor Nealon’s Conviction

On Friday 13th December the Conviction of Victor Nealon was finally quashed by the Court of Appeal with the reasons to be supplied early in the New Year . It had been a long and hard fight for Victor Nealon over 17 years . He could never be released from his sentence early because he… Read More ›

Nealon Case – Long Outstanding Case given directions slot 29th October

Victor Nealon will now finally see progress in his long outstanding CCRC Referral with the matter proceeding to directions before the New President of the Queens Bench Division Levenson LJ on 29th October . The hearing will concentrate on issues of whether two forensic experts should give evidence over DNA evidence obtained which identifies a… Read More ›

Is there a case for compelling the Crown to undertake Speculative DNA Searches

In the case of Victor Nealon , the appellant can show that the DNA on the complainants clothing relates to an unknown male and not him . Yet despite this the Crown  declined to assist the defence by carrying out a DNA Search to identify the unknown male . Bearing in mind the Crown also… Read More ›

Victor Nealon – 14 Years to find out it was not your DNA

Fresh Enquiry Exposes Failings   Over 14 years ago Victor Nealon was convicted of the attempted rape of a complainant , the crown relying on identification evidence and ostensibly linking the       appellant to being a man with a “bump” on his head . The Court was advised there was no forensic evidence ,… Read More ›