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The Challenges of Historical Abuse Cases – 2009 Conference Paper

The Challenges of Historic Allegations This is the paper delivered to the Historical Abuses Conference in 2009 by Mark Barlow and Mark Newby . It identifies the current issues with Historical Cases , reviews the law as at 2009 and points to proposals for reform . The work has been heavily requested and is referred… Read More ›

The Challenges of Past Historical Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The challenges of defending those accused of sexual abuse is a key issue for our Criminal Justice System . The Balance to be reached between protecting victims who may genuinely have been abused and those accused who may be subject ot fals eor malicious allegations is a difficult and complex task . In this article… Read More ›

Rook & Ward – New Issue Features Jordan’s Cases Extensively

  The New Edition of Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences and has just been issued and includes a New Chapter on Historical Sexual Offences . The authors are commended for giving this complex and difficult area its first official treatment . The Chapter starts with a quote from Mark Barlow and Mark Newby [… Read More ›