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Criminal Cases Commission Refer Historical Care Home Case

The CCRC have referred the case of John Dent to the Court of Appeal on the basis of his convictions being unsafe. This is a further case in a series of Historical Care Home Appeals investigated by Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate from QualitySolicitors Jordans and arises out of a detailed investigation and intensive review by… Read More ›

R v E – Historic Appeals Principles Still Relevant

The Decision of the Lord Chief Justice in R v F [ 2011 ] EWCA Crim 1844 had left many believing this amounted to the court restricting the interpretation of abuse applications  on the basis of delay back to the originating principles set out in AG Reference . However the post F case of R… Read More ›

Rook & Ward – New Issue Features Jordan’s Cases Extensively

  The New Edition of Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences and has just been issued and includes a New Chapter on Historical Sexual Offences . The authors are commended for giving this complex and difficult area its first official treatment . The Chapter starts with a quote from Mark Barlow and Mark Newby [… Read More ›