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Not been the best couple of weeks for Justice

Its not been the best couple of weeks for justice for those falsely accused or seeking to demonstrate their convictions are false . We have had the whole episode of the victim being labelled predatory and then there was the bitter news to the Innocence Project that all of its hard work in the case… Read More ›

The Treatment of Complaint Evidence Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003 – R v X [ 2012 ]

The Decision of the Court of Appeal in R v X[ 2012 ] CA 21/6/12  exemplifies the difficulties that have arisen over how Complaint Evidence is to be treated following the Enactment of Section 120 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 . It has become clear that Courts dealing with these issues have found it… Read More ›

Burnley Case Highlights Why Historic Cases Can always be defended

Today one of our Clients is celebrating 10 Not Guilty Verdicts to Historical Allegations . He had previosuly been convicted of allegations in the past when represented by someone else and therefore faced a massive uphill battle to satisfy a jury that he was innocent of these false allegations . He was written off by… Read More ›