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Nealon Case – Fresh DNA Evidence Leads to Referral Finally

Victor Nealon was convicted of attempted rape and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 7 years in January 1997 . On 27th January 1998 his appeal was dismissed and he subsequently made two separate applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission in 1998 and and 2002 . Both applications were dismissed and… Read More ›

Fresh Gynaecological Evidence – Conviction unsafe all counts

Judgment was today handed down by the Court of Appeal in Consolidated Appeals of R v S , B , C and R . All had their convictions quashed apart from R who due to other fresh evidence against him lost his appeal . The Court was considering the scenario where fresh Gynaecological Evidence is… Read More ›

R v S [2011 ] Update

The Court of Appeal has now heard R v S as part of a conjoined set of appeals on fresh gynaecological evidence challenging earlier evidence given at trial . In S the  CPS conceded the original medical  evidence did not stand up to the scrutiny of the fresh medical evidence . The Court has now… Read More ›

Gogna Affidavit – Fresh Evidence

As a Result of our Paper on Fresh Evidence questions have been asked as to the nature and form af a “gogna” affidavit . The Affidavit or statement is a record of how fresh evidence has been obtained . It demonstrates to the Court what the Fresh evidence is , how it came to light… Read More ›

Getting Fresh Evidence Into Court of Appeal Cases – The Video

The Video of my address to the INUK Conference is now available on line . This deals with Fresh Evidence , How to get it into the Court of Appeal and the practical approach to be taken .

Innocence Network UK Conference – Mark Newby to Speak

On 26th November at Norton Rose in London – Mark Newby will address the Innocence Annual Conference on the issue of Fresh Evidence and Getting it into Court of Appeal Cases . Other Speakers include Mark George QC , John Cooper QC , Dr Michael Naughton , Gabe Tan and Dr Eamonn O’Neill Mark’s address… Read More ›