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Historical Abuse Allegations – Getting the Right Lawyer

Historical Abuse Cases At QS Jordans we specialise in Historical Abuse Cases . We were the founding firm of the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel – a panel of dedicated Solicitors and Barristers interested in defending those falsely accused and seeking to quash the wrongful convictions of those who have suffered an injustice . We have… Read More ›

Its not for the police to decide a case , they are supposed to collect the evidence

Mark Newby writes for The Justice Gap on the recent announcement of the Bernard Hogan Howe Metropolitan Commissioner that the approach to investigating Historical Allegations currently being taken may need to be re-evaluated You know that things may be getting a little out of hand when the head of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howe is… Read More ›

There are no winners

As published on The Justice Gap – When the former director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer introduced new guidelines to the prosecution of sexual offences, he made much of an assertion that “the pendulum” had swung too far in favour of the accused. As a result, the DPP introduced a new code which did not… Read More ›

Not been the best couple of weeks for Justice

Its not been the best couple of weeks for justice for those falsely accused or seeking to demonstrate their convictions are false . We have had the whole episode of the victim being labelled predatory and then there was the bitter news to the Innocence Project that all of its hard work in the case… Read More ›

Savile and the Future of Sexual Abuse Investigations

Mark Barlow Barrister at Garden Court North Chambers Manchester and Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate at Quality Solicitors Jordans Doncaster discuss the impact of the Savile Case and the recent decision to review the Waterhouse Inquiry into the Bryn Estyn Care Home In North Wales. Article first appeared on The Justice Gap here      Metropolitan… Read More ›

The Guardian and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Last night the Guardian took a decisive step in demonstrating how dangerous Witch Hunts can be and why even Politicians who’s names are circulated on Social media are likely to be completely innocent . The article dealt with one such name of a Politician accused as part of the fresh allegations of the North Wales… Read More ›

Richard Webster Memorial Lecture – The Dangers of False Allegations

“False Accusations their impact on the Individual, the Family and Society “ Mark Newby’s Speech at the Richard Webster Memorial Lecture Held on 13th October 2012 at the University of Wrexham Thank you for inviting me to be speaking at this Memorial Lecture on the spectre of false allegations and the effects that they bring… Read More ›

Anonymity for those accused

The govt is reported to be lending support to a bill to provide anonymity to those accused . Subject to key safeguards and protections on both sides this should represent a major step forward in protecting people from false accusations and meet a 2002 hasc recommendation