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Joint Enterprise – Where Next ?

Today the Supreme Court rectified a major injustice which has led to many  people arguably being wrongfully convicted based upon the law of joint enterprise . The decision in R v Jogee confronts a major issue which has faced those representing individuals accused of murder on the basis that a co-accused took an act capable of… Read More ›

Justice Committee – Is it time to ask searching questions of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division

[ This Article first appeared on Inside Justice and then The Justice Gap ] When the House of Commons’  justice committee finally decided to undertake a longer inquiry into the Criminal Cases Review Commission it might have been assumed this would concentrate almost exclusively on perceived failings of the Birmingham-based watchdog. However as each witness… Read More ›

Victor Nealon – Update

The long outstanding CCRC Referral of Victor Nealon is now nearing its hearing . In this case in which DNA has been found from an unknown male on the victims intimate clothing which was not Victor Nealon’s  despite this the Crown continue to seek to oppose the appeal . The Crown argue that notwithstanding this… Read More ›

The Grayling Plan

The proposed plans of Chris Grayling, secretary of state for justice, are causing for the first time in legal history a united front between barristers and solicitors. This united front is fighting against the machinery of the Tory party driving home messages that their legal aid reforms are all about the necessity of having to… Read More ›

Defence Cost Orders – Right to a Fair Trial ?

The Cost of Justice ……Time to Find a Fixed Cost Lawyer   If you run a Company or have assets, which place you over the legal aid threshold, then you should be very worried by the changes brought about by Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.   From the 1st October traditional… Read More ›

Criminal Cases Commission Refer Historical Care Home Case

The CCRC have referred the case of John Dent to the Court of Appeal on the basis of his convictions being unsafe. This is a further case in a series of Historical Care Home Appeals investigated by Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate from QualitySolicitors Jordans and arises out of a detailed investigation and intensive review by… Read More ›

R v S [2011 ] Update

The Court of Appeal has now heard R v S as part of a conjoined set of appeals on fresh gynaecological evidence challenging earlier evidence given at trial . In S the  CPS conceded the original medical  evidence did not stand up to the scrutiny of the fresh medical evidence . The Court has now… Read More ›

Getting Fresh Evidence Into Court of Appeal Cases – The Video

The Video of my address to the INUK Conference is now available on line . This deals with Fresh Evidence , How to get it into the Court of Appeal and the practical approach to be taken .

Ian Lawless – Challenge to Miscarriage of Justice Compensation

It is confirmed that the Hearing of Ian Lawless’s challenge to the miscarriage of justice compensation scheme refusal is fixed to be heard before the Administrative Court on 8th March 2012 at the Royal Courts of Justice . Mr Lawless had his conviction for murder quashed in June 2009 following the acceptance by the Court… Read More ›