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Joint Enterprise – Where Next ?

Today the Supreme Court rectified a major injustice which has led to many  people arguably being wrongfully convicted based upon the law of joint enterprise . The decision in R v Jogee confronts a major issue which has faced those representing individuals accused of murder on the basis that a co-accused took an act capable of… Read More ›

The Curious Case of Victor Nealon

When Victor Nealon was sat in his prison cell after yet another rejection by the Criminal Cases Review Commission in 2002, he may have wondered whether he would ever get his liberty – never mind receiving an actual apology for what has happened to him. You can read about the Victor Nealon case HERE and… Read More ›

Justice Committee – Is it time to ask searching questions of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division

[ This Article first appeared on Inside Justice and then The Justice Gap ] When the House of Commons’  justice committee finally decided to undertake a longer inquiry into the Criminal Cases Review Commission it might have been assumed this would concentrate almost exclusively on perceived failings of the Birmingham-based watchdog. However as each witness… Read More ›

Something has to give for sure but what …..CCRC Referrals

David Jessel writing on Justice Gap commends the introduction of a new Easy Reading CCRC form and credits it for an increase in applications . Several things arise from the propositions advanced . First no statistical information has been issued to indeed confirm that the increase is linked to the new form but if that… Read More ›

Criminal Cases Commission Refer Historical Care Home Case

The CCRC have referred the case of John Dent to the Court of Appeal on the basis of his convictions being unsafe. This is a further case in a series of Historical Care Home Appeals investigated by Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate from QualitySolicitors Jordans and arises out of a detailed investigation and intensive review by… Read More ›

CCRC The INUK Symposium For Reform – The Law Society Gazette Reports

The Law Society Gazette has today featured good coverage of the conference and the importance of any outcome .

Debate on the future of the Criminal Cases Review Commission – 30th March 2012

On 30th March 2012 there will be a symposium of the future of the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the light of sustained and credible criticism of the Commission and its performance . This will be a constructive debate engaging key speakers to see how the Commission is performing , its difficulties and the way… Read More ›

Hope for the Innocent ?

Recently a Book was published by Palgrave Macmillan and edited by Dr Michael Naughton of Bristol University . The book collected key participants and commentators on miscarriage of justice and was a critique of the development and progress of the Criminal Cases Review Commission . The commission have understandably been hostile to the work however… Read More ›

Victor Nealon – 14 Years to find out it was not your DNA

Fresh Enquiry Exposes Failings   Over 14 years ago Victor Nealon was convicted of the attempted rape of a complainant , the crown relying on identification evidence and ostensibly linking the       appellant to being a man with a “bump” on his head . The Court was advised there was no forensic evidence ,… Read More ›